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Crazy Love (5/?)

Title: Crazy Love 5/?)
Rating: PG-13 for language
Pairing: Shihan / EunHae
Genre: fail!Angst, Romance
Shiwon was sent to a mental facility to deal with some personal problems, with his parents and friends all doubting him. could a fellow patient finally gain his trust and love?

A/N: comment please :)

* * * * *

Even after two weeks being there, Shiwon still had nightmares. Nightmares that felt real. Nightmares that was real. ‘Fuck therapy, this thing doesn’t help’, he thought. He kept on waking up in the middle of night with sweat beads and fear.


“Shit,” he cursed under his breath.  He looked at the alarm clock, it was 5am.


Shiwon stood up straight, leaning to the headboard of his bunk. Sighing. He didn’t know why his parents thought this place would help him getting over things. It didn’t. Well at least so far it wasn’t helping at all. And he was certain the other patients are thinking the same thing. I mean, not to be rude or anything, but look at Eunhyuk and Donghae. One was still afraid of a single plate of French fries, and the other was still having a VERY hard time controlling his emotion. And look at Seunghyun, he’s still pretty much a psychotic asshole.


‘But Hankyung’s okay,’ he thought again.


Yes, lately, Shiwon’s thought was just too full of Hankyung. He made the boy felt comfortable and right at home. He’s the only one who acts fairly normal. Shiwon had only known him for two weeks, but Shiwon felt as if he had known him forever.


And… he can’t stop thinking about the kisses. It’s stuck in his mind.


But every time he thought about Hankyung, about how nice he was, how… slightly attractive he was, Seungri always popped into his mind. He didn’t know why, but it made him feel so guilty every time. He missed Seungri so much. So much he couldn’t bare it anymore.




Shiwon was only a fifth grader, a very tall fifth grader, when he first met Seungri. He was walking to school with his sister Sunny when they bumped into a very small, skinny, and scrawny little boy. He had dirt on his left cheek and clothing.


When the boy turned and saw them, a smile spread on his face and he cried, “Hi! I’m Lee Seungri and I’m new in town, how do you do!” Shiwon was taken aback at first, but then he smiled, taking the boy’s hand.


And then they were just inseparable after that.


Seungri was a short boy. Both Shiwon and him were the tallest and shortest in their class. When they were walking side, Shiwon looked like a 7th grader while Seungri would look like a 3rd grader with his petite body. Where Shiwon was quiet and serious, Seungri was loud and the jokester of the class. It was as if they were yin and yang, but together, they complete each other. They always sat in the corner of the class, they share table at lunch, they walked home together almost every day. Seungri would come and play at Shiwon’s house most of the times.


“I never like being at home,” Seungri would say.


“Why is that? Your appa and umma aren’t home most of the times?”


Seungri chuckled. “I wish appa would always be out of the house…” he said sadly, “he’s always yelling at me and umma. He hits sometimes…” Shiwon widened his eyes, shocked. “But it’s okay, as long as he’s not drunk,” he shrugged.


He may look like everything was fine, but Shiwon knew Seungri was crying inside. The tall boy scooped him into his embrace, “I’ll save you Seungri,” he said, “if anything happens, just tell me and I’ll be here to save you and take care of you.” Seungri didn’t say anything, but he smiled.




Even after 4 years, they were still like two peas in a pod. They were always together, everywhere. Nothing had changed; Shiwon was still the serious young gentleman in the making while Seungri was still your typical jokester who never took anything seriously.


Being a 9th grader, they were starting to notice girls. It was as if a door to another new world was opened. But for both of them, girls never really caught their attentions that much. After all, what’s the use of having a girlfriend when you already have a best friend who understand you the best?


It was just an ordinary night. Seungri was staying over like usual, Shiwon swore that Seungri practically lived there. He was always there most of his live. Shiwon was already tidying his bed before he lay on it, while Seungri was preparing the spare bed he had always used.


“Yah, Shiwon~ah,” the small boy started, “did you heard what Dongbae and Donghee was talking about today at math class?”


“Anni, what did they talked about?”


“Said Dongbae got into the ‘first base’ if you know what I mean. With Hyori, she’s an older student,” Seungri trailed on.


Shiwon frowned, “…I didn’t know that Dongbae play baseball,” he said innocently.


Seungri slapped his own forehead in sarcasm, “Ommo, Wonnie~ah…” he groaned, taking a seat beside Shiwon, “it’s not… ‘first base’ is a term in dating. First is kissing, the second and third we’ll get to that later.”


Shiwon shrugged, “I don’t know why people made such a big deal about it, it’s just kissing. People do that all the time.”


“YOU don’t,” Seungri sneered.


“I am not interested at all,” Shiwon countered. “I dunno, I mean… I hit puberty, trust me. But I’ve never been kissed before, so I don’t know how to act on any of this.”


Then Seungri moved a little, leaning closer to Shiwon. He moved his hand up to reach for Shiwon’s chin. He took it in his hand; Shiwon froze, staring at his friend. When he noticed that Seungri was leaning in closer, Shiwon did the same thing out of reflex. When Seungri’s lips touched his, he felt blood rushing to his entire body. He felt the softness of Seungri’s lips, the chasteness of his kiss.


When he finally pulled away, Seungri said nothing. Just a naughty, yet shy, smile played on his lips. The same kind of smile he showed Shiwon the first time they met. “Good night, Shiwon…” he murmured before going to sleep.


~end flashback~




Someone was banging on his door yet again and Shiwon just hated it when they do that. Shiwon stood up and walked towards the door, this time instead of Eeteuk, it was Eunhyuk. The man was standing there proudly, smiling oh so happily. “I finished it!”


Shiwon yawned, “What song…?” he asked, scratching his head.


“THE song, Shiwon!” Eunhyuk cried. “The song that I was working on, the one that you helped me with!” Shiwon still frowned, Eunhyuk sighed. “The one I wrote about my feelings? My feelings for Donghae?”


Shiwon blinked, “OH! Yeah, come in,” Eunhyuk slipped into Shiwon’s room and sat on the narrow edge of the boy’s bead, eagerly showing of the lyric inside his little black notebook. “That was rather fast, took you a week?” Eunhyuk nodded and shoved the book into Shiwon’s hand. Chuckling at Eunhyuk’s eagerness, Shiwon began opening the book. He read the lyric slowly.


“So? How is it? Is it good?” The man was fidgeting his fingers.  


“Damn, this is good. You really love Donghae a lot don’t you?”


A deep chuckle was heard from the door which Shiwon had left wide open. “My, my… I was right all along,” Eunhyuk tensed up as soon as he heard the voice, “our little fag has a crush on his so-called hero, Donghae~”


“Seunghyun, how long have you been there?” Shiwon asked in horror.


“As soon as you guys entered the room, you shouldn’t have left your door open you know. I mean, I know it’s in the rules, but fuck the rules,” Justin smirked. “At least it was long enough to understand that… our fairy here has a crush on Lee Donghae,” he raised his voice at the end.


“Seunghyun, don’t…” Eunhyuk pleaded.


Donghae shoved Seunghyun away and was suddenly in sight. “What about Lee Donghae?”


“Eunhyuk has the hots for you,” Seunghyun said. “He has been pinning away with love for you.”


Donghae grabbed him by the neck of Seunghyun’s shirt, “Shut the fuck up!” he growled, then turned to Eunhyuk. “Hyukjae~ah… mind telling what this is all about?”


Eunhyuk yanked his hand as Donghae tried to reach it. “You guys should leave me alone! Go away!” he cried before bursting out of the room, running away with tears dwelling in his eyes.


Donghae turned and had Seunghhyun instantly against the wall by his throat within a few seconds. Hankyung saw them and came running down the hall, trying to stop him as Shiwon was shocked of Donghae and Eunhyuk’s reaction. “I’d fucking love to wipe this hallway clean with your ass, Seunghyun!” he growled.


“Hae, don’t. DON’T, man! Orderlies will come and lock you down if you keep this up!” Hankyung said, pulling at Donghae’s arm.


“Hankyung’s right, Hae. Let him go. Please… Eunhyuk wouldn’t be happy if you get lockdown,” Shiwon begged.


Donghae squeezed and Seunghyun made a choking sound. “Keep an eye out, you sick son of a bitch. You’re friend Jiyong isn’t the only killer around here,” Donghae gave him a rough shook and released him.


“What the FUCK happened?” Hankyung asked them, but nobody gave him the answer. The man sighed, “Let’s talk about this outside, and I demand answers!” he decided, dragging Donghae away.




“That’s son of a bitch!” Donghae kicked the tree. “Why does he always have to pick on Eunhyuk?!” Hankyung forced him to sit down under the tree near the basketball court. Donghae took a deep breath and looked at Hankyung’s eyes. “Did you know about this?”


Hankyung shook vigorously, “No! I barely talk to him outside dance practice, he’s afraid of me. Why on earth would he tell me about this?” he reasoned. He turned to Shiwon, “Did you?”


Just all of the sudden, a particular tree bark caught his attention. “Well… Eunhyuk never really told me anything. About… his feelings, him liking you, no, but um…” he stammered, “I just made a few guesses and he admitted to some,” he explained. “But he told me about the song, yes.”


“You just freaking got here!” Hankyung complained, hating being left out.


They could tell that Donghae was very upset, he was close to being depressed once again. "He'll think I hate him," Donghae said, walking a few feet away. "I couldn't hate him. I... he needs me."

Shiwon tried to choose his words carefully. "He didn't tell you anything about this because he was afraid that you would think of him as a freak, like everybody else did. He said you'd never returns his feelings because you're... you know, straight."

"I would never think of him like that! I... I love Eunhyuk, I really do..." The words were simple, but his tone said everything.

"Then maybe you should tell him that, Hae," Hankyung said gently. "Or he'll fucking start to starve himself because he thinks you hate him."

"Shit..." Donghae cursed, running a had over his messy hair in frustration. "I'll try to talk to him, but Eunhyuk could be very pretty damn stubborn sometimes." He took off for the door to the main building.

Shiwon sighed and leaned against the tree. "I should really quit meddling with other people's business."

Hankyung giggled. "There's nothing wrong with helping our friends," he muttered, kicking at a tuft of grass. "And I would love to kick Seunghyun's
ass if I have to."

"Don't," Shiwon said. "I dont want you to be lock down."

Hankyung blushed, "Yeah... with Eunhyuk locking himself up, if I got lock down, that's less people to hang around with here in this place. You sure dont want to loose another friend for a week."

"Trust me, you're more than just a friend to hang out with for me," Shiwon stood up and walked to the building, leaving Hankyung alone under the tree.



**HEY! sorry, i promised you guys i would post this last weekend, BUT, my internet connection broke T__T... so i have to bare another week without internet :| this is a short chapter, i promise a longer one next chap. I hope you enjoy this one. :DD COMMENTS are loved~ so COMMENT PLEASE XD


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