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Crazy Love (6/?)

Title: Crazy Love (6/?)
Rating: PG-13 for language
Pairing: Shihan / EunHae
Genre: fail!Angst, Romance
Shiwon was sent to a mental facility to deal with some personal problems, with his parents and friends all doubting him. could a fellow patient finally gain his trust and love?

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* * * * *

Shiwon sighed as he walked back to his room. It had been a very rough day. And he thought the place was to keep him away from all the stress, yet he had never been more stressful than this before. Donghae was nowhere to be seen, Eunhyuk was still locking himself in his room; Shiwon tried to talk to him but the man still wouldn’t listen; and Hankyung… Shiwon just couldn’t face Hankyung

Lately, he just can’t really seem to look straight to Hankyung’s eyes. It makes him feel all weird yet he didn’t quite know why

He almost got to his room when he saw Jiyong, Seunghyun’s friend, standing near his door. He let out another sighed, he didn’t know why the boy was there, but whatever the reason was Shiwon didn’t really care. He just headed straight to his door

“Hey,” he said.

Shiwon bit back a groan, “Hey,” he murmured. “What do you want, Jiyong?” he sighed, rubbing the temple of his head.

The man smiled, “Please, call me GD, Jiyong sounds… uncool.” Jiyong took another step closer to Shiwon. “I’ve been seeing you with Hankyung a lot. He and his friends are very dopey, think they got the whole place to themselves, what a bunch of losers,” he scoffed, “especially Hankyung.”
“Don’t you dare making fun of my friends! Definitely NOT Hankyung,” Shiwon growled.

Jiyong chuckled, “What the hell is up your ass anyway?” then he stopped, opening his mouth, a very evil smile spread across his face, “Oh, you like him, don’t you??”

“No, he’s my friend!” Shiwon replied quickly, too quickly. It was as if he was trying to deny it. “You haven’t answered my question, what the hell are you doing here in my doorway?”

He smirked, “You know perfectly what I want, Shiwon~ah,” he was taking more steps closer to Shiwon, “I’ve been watching for awhile, Shiwon,” he said, his voice like sneaking into Shiwon’s ears it was so low in a creepy way, “it’s hard NOT to notice you, really. You’re tall, and you act like you dont belong here. Like me.” By the end of his sentence, Jiyong had succeded in pressing themselves against the wall. He started to move his lips closer to Shiwon’s neck. Smiling evilly as he feel Shiwon shuddered

Shiwon tried to struggle, but Jiyon had his hands inside his tight grip. “G,get off me!” he cried. Jiyong didn’t listen, if anything else his grip tighten. His mouth began to suck on Shiwon’s neck, making the boy shivered all over. “Get. OFF,” he cried once more, this time putting a lot more force than before, pushing the smaller man away. Jiyong didn’t say anything, instead he just let out a smirk. “You freaking stay away from me, you freak!” he yelled slamming the door shut.

Sighing, Shiwon dropped to his knees and leaned agains the door he had just slammed shut. He wanted to get out from this place so bad.


The next morning, Shiwon sighed as he dropped down to his seat with a loud thud sound. Hankyung who sat down beside him frowned, slurping down his ramen breakfast. “Well good morning to you too,” he said, muffling with a full mouth in sarcasm. “I’m guessing nightmares still won’t go away?”

Shiwon buried his face in his hands, “I never told you I had nightmares before…” he murmured.
“Well, it’s common for newbie. We all had nightmares the first nights here, some got over it, some don’t,’ Hankyung shrugged. “I sure as hell never did, but it didn’t come as often as it did before,” he explained. He continued slurping down his noodles, enjoying until the very last drop of soup. “So what’s up with you?” he asked, wiping his mouth clean.

“Uhm…” Shiwon didn’t really want to talk about last night; he just wanted to keep everything about it hidden and buried. “Do you know… Seunghyun’s friend? The one who’s with him everywhere he goes like a tail?”
“Yeah, of course I know Jiyong. I aint a newbie,” he retorted. “And if I may add, he’s very hot.” Shiwon gave him a glare, “well sorry, but he IS. Been eyeing on him since the first day I got here.” The younger boy sighed and shook his head in disbelieve. Hankyung eyed Shiwon, and just all of the sudden, a little red mark on Shiwon’s neck caught his attention. “Wait, is that a hickey?” Shiwon blushed and tried to cover his neck with his hand, Hankyung slapped it away to get a better look. “OH MY GOD! That IS a hickey!” he cried but instantly Shiwon cover his mouth with his hands.
“Shut up!” Shiwon hissed. “Goddamnit, Hankyung~ah, tone down your voice!” Hankyung nodded, crossing his heart, and Shiwon released him.

Hankyung calmed himself down; he took a deep breath before starting to talk again. “So... let me get this straight, you have a hickey and… did Jiyong give you that hickey??” he slightly raised his voiced again but then silenced himself when an orderly glared at him. “Damn, you’re getting luck with Jiyong,” he hissed

“No, no...” Shiwon groaned, burrying his head depper into his arms. “I don’t consider this as ‘lucky’ if it’s with that pshyco,” he raised his voice at the end of the sentence. “He showed up at my door, slammed me against the wall and... forced his way on my neck...” he grumbled.

Hankyung turned alarmed, “He... forced his way to you?” he asked coldly. Shiwon nodded dubiously. “Did he hurt you?” Shiwon shook this time. “Are you sure? Because if he did, I swear to god I’ll hunt him down and make him bleed,” the mand said through gritted teeth.

“Whoa, Hankyung~ah calm down,” Shiwon took Hankyung’s hand in his, “I’m fine, seriously, I’m okay...” he assured his friend.

“Good, you better be,” Hankyung told him. “Eunhyuk’s still locked away in his lair, Donghae still feeling so guilty that I cant seem to find him anywhere. If something happens to you too, I don’t know what I’ll do...” and Hankyung pouted.

Shiwon had never seen him like that before, pouting, but it made the boy blush furiously. His heart pumped faster, even faster when he realized his hand was still on top of Hankyung’s. “Uhm... s,so... about Eunhyuk and Donghae,” he stuttered, quickly changing the subject, “shouldn’t we do something about those two? It’s been a day and it already felt weird.”

The man with black hair shrugged, “I don’t know, what can we do?” he retorted and he did have a good point. What can they do? “OH! I’ll get Donghae, you get Eunhyuk! We meet here again in 15 minutes.”

“And do what?”

Hankyung blinked. “...I don’t know,” he replied innocently. “We’ll only get that far because we of course don’t want to meddle into other people’s business. If they love each other that much, then they will know what to do or say,” he smiled. “Now go get Eunhyuk!” he told Shiwon.

Shiwon left the cafeteria and was already on his way to Eunhyuk’s room. He didnt really know what to say, he just stood there in front of Eunhyuk’s room. He knocked. “Eunhyuk~ah... It’s Shiwon.

“Are you alone?” came his low voice from the room

Shiwon sighed, “Yes, Hyukjae, I’m alone.” The door creaked open and Shiwon slipped in. Eunhyuk stood there beside the door, he looked like he hadn’t sleep the whole night. “You feeling okay?” Eunhyuk shrugged and motioned the other boy to sit on the bed. Shiwon noticed that they had sent food to Eunhyuk’s room since he refused to go out from his room. “We’re having ddok pok gi? Nice.."

“Nope, it’s not,” Eunhyuk said, making a gag face. “It’s weird and it’s not as spicy as I wanted it to be...” he pouted

“My umma makes them really spicy, you know. So spicy that I couldn’t even eat it,” he chuckled. ”When we all get out from here, I’ll make umma cook for us. You, me, Hankyung, and Donghae,-“

“I don’t think I want to get out from here...” Eunhyuk said quietly, and Shiwon frozed. “I don’t really mind... it’s safe here. And my parents can afford this place...”

“No, you don’t really want that, don’t you? You deserve to be out there and have fun, unlike in here. It’s so depressing it makes you want to kill yourself,” Eunhyuk chukled at the last comment, he couldn’t agree more with Shiwon on that. “Seriously, Hyukjae... Donghae is worry sick about you,” he told him.

Eunhyuk turned smug. “No he doesn’t. All he cares about is getting out of here and come back to his girlfriend back home.”

“Really? Then why did threatened Seunghyun that he’d kill him if he’s anywhere near you? He literally had him up against the wall, choking the man. If I wasn’t there to stop him, Seunghyun would die. He’s so angry that they wouldn’t let Seunghyun near him OR your door.” Eunhyuk’s expression instantly changed, tears dwelled on his eyes. “Please... come with me to the cafeteria? Have some real food,” he chuckled. Eunhyuk nodded and they left the room.


Donghae was already there with Hankyung, sitting on their usual spot. Hankyung was starring out the window while Donghae was toying with his lunch. Shiwon grinned as soon as he saw Donghae, “Oh wow, you start eating like Eunhyuk, must be love,” he teased.

Donghae dropped is fork, “Shut up, you prick! You don’t know,-“ then he stopped as soon as Eunhyuk’s head poked behind Shiwon. “H,hyukjae...” Shiwon grinned evilly and stepped aside, pulling Hankyung away. Making their way out the cafeteria. “H,hey, how are you feeling? Better?” Eunhyuk nodded slowly and sat down beside him. They just sat there silently.

Sighing, Donghae broke the silence. “Okay, Eunhyuk... If you think I’m mad at you, I’m not. Let alone hating you. I could never hate you! Please talk to me...” he pleaded. Eunhyuk looked up at Donghae for the first time. “Shiwon told me you wrote me a song...? Can at least read the lyrics?” Eunhyuk hesitantly handed his little black book and let Donghae read it. After awhile, Donghae closed the book and handed it back. “Damn... Eunhyuk, you... you really love me that much?” Eunhyuk nodded, facing away to hide his tears. “I... I dunno, Hyukjae~ah, but i think I’m in love with you too.”

Eunhyuk widened his eyes, “No. You have a girlfriend.. you can’t possibly love me.”

“What? I broke up with her the minute I was sent here. I have no feelings for her anymore,” Donghae explained. “I... care about you alot, Hyukjae, and it hurts me seeing you like this. I want to make you happy at all times... We’ll make this work. You start eating, I’ll manage my anger... and when we get out from here, we’ll make our fresh start together. I want this relationship to work.” He took Eunhyuk’s hand. “Would you?”

Eunhyuk was crying, tears rolling down his cheeks. “I... do you really mean it?”
“Of course I do! Why would I joke about this?” Donghae laughed. “Come here,” Donghae took Eunhyuk by the chin and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

The other man’s face turned furious red. “We’re in the cafeteria! The orderlies could see us. You’re crazy!”

Donghae chuckled, “Only for you, baby.”



** cant talk in the middle of the class
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