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You Okay, Honey?

You Okay, Honey?
Pairing: sihan
Rating: PG-13 for situation and language
Disclaimer: dont own them
Summary: christmas eve, a professor, a young drummer. what could possibly happen?

* * * * *

Hankyung had just gone home from his non-paying job as a professor at a local community college. It was Christmas Eve and it was close to midnight, he should have just gone home hours ago. Hell, he should have been on a Christmas break since few days before. But no, they told him to stay a little bit later to grade papers. So the Chinese professor was pretty much pissed when he found out that he was the only one left there and was the one in charge of locking the front door.

Just when he was about to make his way to home, Hankyung felt a vibration on his thigh. He reached down for his cell-phone and picked it up. “Wei?”

“Yah! Don’t you get all Chinese on me!”

The Chinese man groaned as soon as he heard the voice from the other lone. “Heechul~ah, don’t be silly, I am Chinese. What do you want from me?” he asked.

“Was just wondering why you weren’t home yet.”

“Work, as usual. Be there in a few minutes, Chul~ah. Don’t start anything without me,” Hankyung said. He had began walking, slightly tightening his old worn-out coat as the wheather was getting a little bit chilly.

“How would we start anything without you? You’re,-“

“Tell him to bring booze!
” Another voice cried to the phone.

Hankyung chuckled, “Tell Zhoumi no way in fuck am I buying him booze.  Zoom in on my empty wallet,” he retorted.

“Alright, just get home soon. It’s getting close to Christmas.”

Then Hankyung hung up before shoving the phone back into his pocket. He continued walking and felt the cold weather hits his pale skin. It was a typical Christmas Eve. Bright lights being hung on every single building, faint tunes of old Christmas carols heard from the distance. A few people were walking around in red yelling ‘Merry Christmas’ and Hankyung would smile at them, returning the favor. Nothing was different from the year before.

As he kept walking to the apartment that he shared with his two friends, the streets just got emptier. Hankyung saw a boy; he couldn’t have been older than eighteen. He was sitting on the pavement with stick drums on his hand and a giant empty tub between his feet. The boy was making all sorts of beats and rhymes, his hands and feet were just moving fast. A few people stopped by a put a few bucks into a small cup that was placed in front of him. Hankyung would too, but he didn’t have a single penny to give.

So Hankyung just kept on walking past the boy. He wasn’t that far away when a bunch of guys approached him. There were three of them, each have a scruffy beard and looked as if they hadn’t showered in days.

“Hey,” one of them said, causing Hankyung to halt, “you got a light?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Hankyung replied, reaching for the lighter in his coat pocket.

But before he could, one of them had tried grabbing his arms. Out of reflex, Hankyung yangked back his arms and began throwing a few punches at them. Successfully knocking their noses and stomachs. As soon as he saw an opening, Hankyung tried to ran away from them as fast as he could. Hankyung ran to the nearest alley to hide, but he wasn’t fast enough as two of the mugs had caught up with him. The biggest out of the three yanked his coat of his body and threw it onto the ground before taking a hold of his lanky body.

“Bitch just punched us on the nose,” one of the snarled.

“We must return the favor then…”

All three mugs were there now, two were surrounding Hankyung as he was being held. Both men put their knuckle braces on and Hankyung just knew it was going to hurt. Then it came, the first punch. Right in the stomach. Hankyung felt like his guts were being ripped off his body. He winced at the pain as it spreads everywhere, causing his legs to go weak. Then he felt another punch to his jaw bone. And then they just went at it, punching him merciless everywhere. Hankyung wished he would have just passed out so he wouldn’t feel the pain, but he was conscious the whole time. After awhile, they finally stopped. Probably because Hankyung was beginning to cough up blood, or maybe because they just got bored. They let go of the Chinese man and left him fall onto the hard pavement. They kicked Hankyung one more time in back causing him arch back, wincing.

Hankyung laid there for a minute, hoping the pain would ease if he just lay there. It hurts to even move a finger. His face was cut here and there, blood spilled from both his nose and mouth. Every part of his body was aching. Hankyung finally forced himself to sit up and leaned against the wall. He tried to wipe up the blood, groaning in the process. He winced when he shifted, it was just too painful he almost cant stand it anymore. Fuck this, Christmas sucks.

“You okay, sir?” Hankyung heard. His eyes flickered to the source of the voice. It was that boyhe saw earlier on the streets. He was standing there with the tub in one hand and stick drums on the other. As soon as he saw th state Hankyung was in, the boy practically ran towards him. “Oh my god, are you okay?” he gasped.

Hankyung shook, “No…” he managed to croak.

“Did they take your money?”

Hankyung shook again, chuckling in irony. “I didn’t have any… but they did take my coat…” the man groaned loudly, damn it hurts to just even talk.

The boy quickly put his stuffs aside and took a small towel that had hung on his hips before handing it to Hankyung. The Chinese man gratefully took it and began to dab in on his nose. The boy just stared at Hankyung with his round brown eyes. “I’m Choi Siwon,” he suddenly introduced himself.

Hankyung stared back, ”H,hangeng… but my friends call me Hankyung…” he said weakly.

“We should get you to a hospital,” Ssiwon suggested.

“No… no hospital…”

Siwon pursed his lips. “Okay, no hospital,” he agreed. “But please let me take a look at your wounds, my place is just a block away from here.”  Hankyung hesitated at first, but he was in no state to say no, his vision was also getting blurry. “Come on, I can make you something warm too,” Siwon said as he tried lifting the man up.

Hankyung knew he was probably being as gentle as he could, but when he tried to pull Hankyung to stand up, it just hurts everywhere. He yelped in pain, trying to control his breathing. “I… my friends are waiting…” he stammered.

“Listen mister, you are hurting everywhere. I’m not letting you off without being treated,” Shiwon told him.

“Yeah, but I am,-“

“I wouldn’t take any excuse,” the boy stated. Hankyung sighed, finally giving in. “Can you walk?” Hankyung nodded, suppressing another groan.

Siwon led the way. He let Hankyung walk by himself because he figured Hankyung was proud like that and he was right, the man just hate being vulnerable like this. Once or twice Shiwon would glance back just to make sure the man was okay. If Hankyung stumble or beginning to slump, Shiwon would stop and help him. They stopped in front of an old small building. Siwon’s place was on the second floor so they had a little trouble getting Hankyung to climb up. The boy helped him, patiently waited and held him as Hankyung climbed the steps one by one.

When they finally reached the second floor, they entered Siwon’s apartment. Hankyung’s vision got clearer, the pain was still there but he got used to it. The apartment wasn’t that big, but it was just enough. A pantry, a bathroom, a living room, and a bedroom. Wait, one bedroom? “You live alone?”Hankyung asked.

“Yep, it’s just me,” Siwon replied. He put his stuffs on the counter and took off his jacket before hanging it behind the door.  The boy pushed Hankyung inside the bedroom. “Lie down,” he said.

“No, it’s okay,-“

“I told you I wouldn’t take any excuse,” Siwon told him firmly. Hankyung finally obliged and sat on the edge of Siwon’s small bed. “Just take a rest. I’ll get the aid kit and some hot water.”

Hankyung nodded as he watched Siwon disappeared through the door. The man sighed, he lied down and was now studying the room. A couple of posters were taped on the wall, a few clothes scattered on the floor, and stacks of CD piled up on the desk. Everything about the room screamed a ‘boy’. Why and how Siwon was living alone it was beyond Hankyung.

Few minutes later Siwon came back with a bowl of hot water. He placed the bowl on his nightstand as he sat beside Hankyung. “Let me clean your wounds,” he said with a warm smile. He wet a piece of cloth with the warm water and began to dab it on Hankyung’s scrapped cheeks, cleaning the blood stains around the man’s nose.

Hankyung winced, whining like a little girl, as the wet cloth pressed against his cut. It felt nice, afterwards. He made himself a little comfortable on the bed. “How come you’re so nice to me?” he croaked.

“Well, sir, it’s Christmas Eve…” Siwon smiled. He turned his gaze to the clock over his doorway. “Actually, make that Christmas day,” he chuckled. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” Hankyung replied. “You know what? Truthfully, I never believe in Christmas,” he said. “I mean, they said it’s the night of all wonders where all the angels sing and shit… Look at me. Do I look like I have a wonderful night so far?” he scoffed.

Siwon said nothing, he just smiled. “God have other plans for every one of us.”

“So you’re saying that me getting my ass kicked is God’s will?”

“Not per se,” the boy chuckled. “But probably there’s a purpose behind you getting your ass kicked.”

Hankyung rolled his eyes and let the boy continue to clean his wounds. Hankyung couldn’t help but stare at him now. Siwon look awfully young yet he kept looking things at a very positive perspective, his eyes were round and brown, his hair was cut short with a bit of bangs in front, he was also very handsome. He blinked on the last thought. Okay, that was just so wrong. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Siwon said, putting the cloth aside.

Hankyung pushed himself into a sitting position. “How come you live alone? Where are your parents?” he asked. He wasn’t sure if he had the rights to ask such a question, but Hankyung was just curious.
All of the sudden the boy’s face turned sour, slightly disturbed that he had been asked such a question. “They decided not to stick around. Thought I’m old enough to live on my own…” Siwon replied calmly, forcing a smile still. “Now, do you want to sleep? Or do you want something to eat first?” he asked, changing the subject.

Hankyung shook his head, “I should just go, my friends are waiting for,-“

“Mister, you’re in no condition to go anywhere,” Siwon cut, forcing the older man to stay on his bed. “Besides, it’s snowing.” Both pair of eyes turnedto the window as small white flakes starting to fall. “Beautiful isn’t it?”

Smiling, Hankyung nodded. “It is.”

“Well, you should just rest. Sleep on my bed tonight, I’ll take the sofa,” Siwon began. “Tomorrow I’ll walk you to your friend’s house,” the boy stood and picked up the bowl. “Goodnight, Hankyung…”

Hankyung gaped, Siwon looked beautiful when he smiled, “G,goodnite…” he stammered. Once again Siwon disappeared through the door, but this time he closed it. Hankyung sighed. Usually he hates Christmas, if not for the booze, but he guess now he should start liking it. Even if that night he got mugged and beat up, at least he made a new friend.


** okay i got the idea for this one from rent, but in this one siwon isnt a drag queen. and of course am going to give it a little twist of my own. should i continue? but it's just a random fic. hope you like this! tell me what you think! COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED!! <33333
Tags: oneshot, pairing: sihan

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  • Birthday Surprise

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