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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise
Pairing: Sihan
Genre: PG
Disclaimer: they're in my basement..
Summary: hankyung's all alone celebrating his birthday.

* * *

It was late at night, very close to midnight, when Hankyung was suddenly awaken by the sound of his phone ringing. He groaned, rubbing his eyes before reaching out his hand to the drawer next to his bed to take his phone.  He looked at the caller ID but it was from ‘unknown’, hesitantly Hankyung answered it.

“Wéi?” he said to the phone.

No answer.

“Wéi, who is this?”

Still no answer.

“Listen, whoever you are, I hope you know this is almost twelve. And unlike you who apparently likes to bug people around, I seriously need my slee,-“

“Hyung…” the other line finally said, cutting Hankyung mid-sentence.

And Hankyung froze as soon as he recognized the voice. He’d recognize that voice even if he were near deaf. Hankyung was wide awake now, he pushed himself to a sitting position. Sighing. “Why are you calling?” That was a good question, why did he? After all they hadn’t talked to each other for more than a year now. The other person was silent once again. “Well?”

“Would you believe me if I say I miss you?”

“No,” Hankyung replied coldly. The Chinese man had been waiting months for him to call, even just to ask him what had happened. The moment he had decided to terminated his contract he had been waiting for this guy to come and support him; that was all he asked for. But instead he was screamed at then ignored till that moment. And now he wanted Hankyung to believe that he missed him? No fucking way.

“I really miss you, Hyung. I’ve been an idiot, but that’s because I love you too much…”

“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true.”

“You left me hanging dry for months before I finally gave up on you! On us!” Hankyung cried, he was now pissed. “We made a promise to stay by each other no matter what. But what did you do?”

“Hannie, what was I supposed to think?” the man said. “You made that decision all of the sudden without telling me. I don’t care about that now, but back then I was so scared. I was so scared of loosing you, baby. I knew for sure the lawsuit was going to be ugly and I was right wasn’t I…?” his voice croaked at the end, making Hankyung’s heart wince. “So I was an idiot because I wasn’t there when the man I love the most needed me. But every time Heechul told me how you were… I feel like I wanted to fly to China just to comfort you. And I would, you know I would.”

Hankyung knew he would, that was unquestionable. “I know you would…” he whispered. “But they busied your schedule didn’t they?” Hankyung asked, his anger was now gone.

He could hear him scoff. “Of course, you how the company gets. They knew about us, baby…” Of course they knew, they’d be stupid if they didn’t. “Every time Heechul told me something about you, I feel my heart cringe. You always call him but never me, I figured it was because you were angry with me. But baby, I told Heechul to take care of you for me… I heard you were crying a lot and I felt like my world was crumbling. I wanted to be there with you, Hannie… so bad.”

The Chinese man tried so hard not to cry as the bad memories all flooded back in a flash. “Please don’t do this…” he whispered.

“Do what? Apologizing? Telling you things I should’ve said months ago?”

“Shiwon…” Hankyung began. “You’ve had your chance, what we had was,-“

“Was what?” Shiwon cut. “Just give me one last chance, Hannie. Or give me a reason why we shouldn’t give this another chance.”

And Hankyung couldn’t think of anything. All these times he had been so angry at Shiwon that he had managed to convince himself that he didn’t love the man anymore. But now he realized it was just really the heat of the moment, he still loves Shiwon very much. Then he thought of one random reason. “You forgot my birthday,” he blurted.

It was 9th February.

Shiwon was silent for a moment. Hankyung wasn’t really mad because of Shiwon forgot his birthday, that would be silly. He just said that so Shiwon would just give up. But suddenly he heard Shiwon chuckled from the other line. “That’s where you’re wrong, Hannie… I would never forget your birthday,” he said. “Now please get up from your bed… and open your door.”

Hankyung blinked hard. “What do you mean open my door? You’re not telling me that you’re,-“

“Just open the door, baby. I’m freezing”

The man with hawk eyes practically jumped off his bed and threw on a warm sweater before dashing to the front door of his apartment. He touched the doorknob. Was Shiwon really behind that door? If so, what was he supposed to say? Do they have to deal with everything that night? Hankyung’s head was dizzy just thinking of what could happen. His stomach felt queasy. When he finally gathered the courage to open the door, Shiwon was really there. Standing beautifully as always with a huge box in his hands.

“You got thinner,” was the first thing that escaped Hankyung’s mouth.

“Well, I had to for Athena,” Shiwon replied with a smile. “Do you like me not so thin?”

Hankyung didn’t answer, he just stared at the taller man. “Why are you doing here, Wonnie~ah…?”

Shiwon sighed, “Can I at least come in first? It’s freezing out here…” he said, his teeth were almost chattering. Again Hankyung didn’t answer. Shiwon groaned, tightening his coat. “I’m here to celebrate our birthdays, Hannie. Like we always do…” he said.

“Your birthday, Shiwon,” Hankyung began, “is on April 7th. Tomorrow was only made up by the company in the purpose of promoting our pairing, ‘sihan’, so the fans go crazier than ever,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Now that I’m not in that company anymore I don’t see any reason why you should still use that date.”

The taller man looked a bit disappointed at Hankyung’s reaction and decided to let himself in, screw his manner, the weather was freezing. He put the box on the nearest coffee table and looked at Hankyung straight in the eyes. “You and I both knew that’s not the only reason,” he whispered under his breath. “So it may have started because sajangnim said so. But for me, I like that birthday a thousand times more than my real one. Because I can share it with you, Hannie. So what if you left the company? That shared birthdays is ours and I’m here now, it’s still forty-five minutes till midnight so it’s still your birthday.”

Hankyung sighed as rub the bridge of his nose, “Please don’t do this…” he said.

“Do what?” Shiwon frowned, looking so innocently. “Me being here will be doing both of us a favor. One, you can scream at me for all the times I wasn’t there. Scream until you can’t anymore. You can even pretend I’m sajangnim and give me a piece of your mind, hyung, if that will make you feel better,” the taller man suggested. He took off his coat and then stepped in closer to Hankyung. “Two, I could see your face. I don’t care if you’re mad at me or if I’d ended up going home empty handed, as long as I get to see you.” Shiwon moved up his hand to caress Hankyung’s face, causing the other man to shudder back a bit. “You got a bit thinner too, Hannie~ah…” he murmured.

“Rough year,” Hankyung replied. He could feel Shiwon’s hot breath on the tip of his mouth and his own breathing became labor. He wanted to scream at Shiwon, so bad, but it seemed like he had lost the ability to do so. Looking to those brown eyes, Shiwon was still every bit the same person he loves a year ago. But he had hurt Hankyung. “You left me facing those horrible months alone,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I know, I’m sorry,” Shiwon said sincerely, his eyes turned sad.

And then Hankyung just lashed out as Shiwon suggested. He let out his all his anger and pain that he had kept for more than a year. Telling Shiwon just how devastated he was that Shiwon wasn’t there, how disappointed he was that the Shiwon was among the members that didn’t understand why he left, how hard it was for him to keep it all together during the lawsuit, because the lawsuit was bad even if he did win in the end. After about an half an hour of loud yelling and tears, Hankyung finally stopped to slightly catch his breath. Shiwon was just there to listen.

The man suddenly let out a weak smile, “Do you feel any better?” he asked.

Hankyung took a deep breath; surprisingly it felt amazing to let it all out of his system. “Best I’ve felt all year,” he admitted.

Shiwon chuckled and began to wipe Hankyung’s tears that stained his pale cheeks. “I’m sorry, I am the stupidest man in the world…”

“It’s okay… I guess I should see it from your point of view too. So I’m somewhat to blame too.”

“Silly Chinese man, it’s not your fault,” Shiwon murmured. “You have a very rough year, hell, it was a horrible year. If I were you, I’d forget the lawsuit.”

“Actually, if you were me, you’d win the lawsuit with the help of your father’s best lawyers. Even if you lose, you’d have a helicopter to take you home,” Hankyung joked, chuckling.

Siwon chuckled along, that would be… true, actually. “Ha, who’s joking now? I thought you’re in the verge of depression,” Shiwon said puling Hankyung into a hug. “This year made you a stronger man didn’t it?” Hankyung nodded against Shiwon’s neck. He flicker his eyes to the clock over the kitchen’s doorway. Five minutes to midnight. The taller man released his hands around Hankyung and took the big box from the table.

“What’s that?” Hankyung asked confused.

“Take a wild guess,” Shiwon said with a sly smile.

Hankyung stared at the box and the scoffed, “Shiwon, it’s sweet of you, but I told you I don’t like chocolate cake,” then Shiwon pouted, stomping his foot like a little kid.

“How in the world can you NOT like chocolate cake, I even asked for the double layered one for you!” Shiwon whined before opening the cover of the box. The double layered chocolate cake Shiwon had brought look beautiful, you could simply tell it was very rich and well decorated. The younger man began to put a couple of candles before lighting it up.

Hankyung frowned once again, “What are you doing?”

“When the clock strikes midnight we’re gonna blow it together, like we always do,” it was like a tradition for them for five years, ever since they knew each other. Hankyung smiled as Shiwon held the cake between the two of them. Shiwon simply look divine over the dim light of candles. When the clock finally strike number twelve, both blew the candle and smiled at each other. “Now, are you telling me that I’m the only one who’s going to eat the cake?” Shiwon asked in a whisper.

The older man took the cake from Shiwon’s hands and put it aside. He took a step closer, “Would you please forget about the cake for a second?” Shiwon shrugged. “I miss you.”

Shiwon smiled, “I know,” he said oh-so-confidently. “Of course you miss m,-“

The end of his sentence was muffled as Hankyung pulled him forcefully by the collar and pressed his lips against Shiwon’s. His feet felt like melting and it took him a mere second to respond and began kissing Hankyung back. His hands cupped Hankyung’s face as he devoured the man’s sweet lips. After awhile they pulled apart in the need of breathing. “You still want fuss over the cake?” Hankyung asked jokingly.

“Fuck the cake, you taste better.”

“Did I hear you right? Did you just curse?” Hankyung cried sarcastically.

Shiwon leaned down to kiss Hankyung again chastely. “I love you, Hannie. And I would never leave you alone like that ever again.”

Hankyung smiled, “I love you too, Wonnie~ah…”


**sucky, i know... but i tried my best bringing our favorite couple alive again... since they're not going to blow the candles together this year :'( COMMENTS ARE LOVE~~~
Tags: oneshot, pairing: sihan

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