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You Okay, Honey? (2/?)

You Okay, Honey? (2/?)
Pairing: sihan
Rating: PG-13 for situation and language
Disclaimer: dont own them
Summary: christmas eve, a professor, a young drummer. what could possibly happen?

* * * * *

The next morning Hankyung was awaken by a vibrating object on his thigh. He took his cell-phone out and checked on the screen. Twenty text messages, eleven missed-calls, and a few voice-mails. All of them are from Heechul. Shit, Heechul. He must have been worried sick about him. It was now eight o’clock.

“Morning Ahjussi!” Siwon cried, slamming the bedroom door open. “Feeling any better?” he asked, flopping onto the empty side of the bed.

Hankyung tried to move, it doesn’t hurt as bad anymore. Though, the bruises are getting a lot more visible. “A lot better, thank you, Siwon…” he said gratefully.

Siwon smiled, “No problem. Good deed for Christmas,” he replied cheerfully. “Oh, is it okay if we make a quick stop first before we go to your friends?” Siwon was already dressed up in a nice clean t-shirt with a red jacket over it. “I have a support meeting that starts in half an hour. I just want to drop in and say hi to everyone.”

The man just nodded, but then he froze. Wait a second, why would Siwon go to a support meeting for? He was too young, it seemed he had no reason to go to one. “Why would you need to go to a support meeting for?” Hankyung asked abruptly.

“Well, I had to talk to someone who has it longer than me,” Siwon replied. Hankyung eyed him weirdly, confused. “I have AIDS,” he simply added.

Hankyung widened his eye, trying not to let his jaw dropped. How could this be? Siwon is a nice person, a freaking boy, he’s too young to have such a disease in his body. Siwon just seemed so happy living his life, and it turned out he has AIDS? Life is just unfair. God is never fair. In fact now Hankyung believe God does not exist.

“We should really go,” Siwon said as he zipped up his jacket up to his chest. Hankyung snapped back to reality and slowly followed the boy out the door.

The Chinese man just wouldn’t keep his eyes off Siwon. “How old are you? You’re too young to have it,” Hankyung asked bluntly.

Siwon thought for awhile, “Hm… I think I’ll be twenty next February,” he replied. Shit, that makes him nineteen years old now. And already with AIDS! How can he cope with life? Where the fuck was his parents in the middle of this? Hankyung felt enrage. “I’m fine, Hankyungssi…” Siwon suddenly said.


The boy shifted the backpack on his shoulder. “I see the way you look at me and I know what you think. ‘Poor Siwon, so young to be sentenced to his own funeral. No family to look after him’,” Siwon said sarcastically. “Please, I’m fine. People are way exaggerating.”

“You’re so calm about this.”

Siwon smiled, shrugging. “I’ve got this for awhile now and I’m tired of blaming the whole world for having it,” he said ever so calmly. “And… some people have it worse.”

Hankyung scoffed, “What’s worse than having AIDS?” he asked.

“Died of AIDS,” Siwon replied quickly, chuckling.

“Don’t joke about that,” Hankyung snapped, it was slightly bothering him that Siwon is so calm about it.

Siwon smiled again at him, “I figured if I stopped being scared and just joke about it,” he began before turning to face the Chinese professor, “I will accept it when my time comes.”

Hankyung stared at Siwon, a little bit somewhat pissed and bothered. “You’re going to be perfectly fine. You’re going to live until you’re eighty and have a family of your own,” Hankyung assured him, trying to encourage his new friend.

“Well, one could still wish.”

The Chinese man was about to snap at the young boy but he had already been pulled inside a small community centre just on the corner of the street. Inside was already people sitting in circles and some were getting coffee that had been set up on a long table. Siwon practically ran to a man in grey vest and hugged him.

“Merry Christmas Yunho~ah,” Siwon cried cheerfully.

Yunho hugged him back, “Merry Christmas, to you too, Siwon~ah…” he replied.

“Is everyone in the festivity mood?” the boy asked, glancing at the group of people that was already sitting.

Yunho shook as he stirred the coffee, “I don’t think so, Joon just found out his T-Cell got lower than before so he would probably want to talk about that. And then we got Gahee who lost her friend just yesterday, she’s really scared that she might be next,” the man explained. “I might need your help to calm them down. You’re really good at cheering people up.”

Siwon smiled apologetically, “I can’t…” he murmured. The boy pulled Hankyung closer, “Meet my new friend, Hankyung.” Hankyung smiled at Yunho, waving his hand awkwardly. “I promised I’d go with him to his friend’s house.”

“Jesus, what happened to you? Your face is all bruised.”

“Well, he encountered quite a misfortune yesterday,” Siwon told his friend. “I found him in the alley, all beat up. But he’s okay now! Aren’t you, Hankyung?” Hankyung just shrugged, he did feel a lot better.

Yunho nodded, “Well, you better make sure Hankyung got home okay,-“

“Not you too, I’m 28, I can go home by myself,” Hankyung complained.

Yunho laughed lightly, “I’m a counselor, Hankyung, my job is to worry about people I know.” The tall man turned to Siwon, “I guess I can handle today alone. You better come next week.”

“Of course, hyung. I’ll see you next week.”

“Okay, nice to meet you, Hankyung.” Yunho smiled at them one last time and then left for the group.

Hankyung couldn’t help but stared before Siwon pulled him out of the building completely. Those people in the circle, they were a lot older than Siwon. Every single one of them were. It’s just not fair. “Uhm… they all have it?” Hankyung asked hesitantly.

Siwon nodded, “Some of them just had it, few of them have had it for years,” he replied. “Anyway, where’s your friend’s house?” Siwon changed the subject.

“Oh, it’s not far from here. And actually I share the place with two of my friends,” Hankyung told him. “You should meet my friends, they’re a bit crazy but they’re actually really nice. But be careful with Heechul, he can be a little too crazy sometimes.”

The boy laughed, “I’m sure your friends are all nice, Hankyungssi.” Siwon flickered his eyes at Hankyung, “Just like you.”

Hankyung just smiled and pulled the boy closer, wrapping his arm around his shoulders. They kept walking; both keep starting a light conversation. As they talked, Hankyung grew fonder of Siwon. The boy was as old as most of his students, yet he was a lot wiser and mature. Which was a good thing. And Siwon was such a nice kid too; Hankyung knew well that between the two of them neither had much money, but Siwon would stop every time he saw homeless people to give them a few bucks. It mesmerized Hankyung even more.

“Hey, how about we buy something for your friends?” Siwon cried all of the sudden.

Hankyung frowned, “I don’t have money with me.”

“My treat!” Siwon dragged the man inside a convenient store before he could ever say anything. “It’s Christmas, so I’m guessing something festive?” he opened the cooler and grabbed a six pack and a bottle of Stoli. “I’m underage so you pretend to buy this okay?” The boy took a few other stuffs such as bread, and couple bags of chips before handing it all to Hankyung. “Take these to the cashier and here’s the money,” Siwon handed a couple of ten dollars and then stood aside.

The Chinese man stared at the stuffs he was carrying. “This is just way too much, Siwon, you seriously don’t have too…”

“Pish posh, hurry up and pay,” Siwon demanded, pointing at the cashier. Hankyung sighed and obliged, he went to the cashier to pay and hurried back to the boy before both walked out the store. “My mom taught me never to come to a person’s house with empty handed,” he told the older man, “so it was really just out of habit.”

Hankyung stared at Siwon, “How come you’re so nice to me?” he asked.

Siwon shrugged, “You seem like a nice person. If it were me, you’d do the same thing wouldn’t you?” Hankyung nodded slowly, he was lying. Siwon was too naïve. If he were in Siwon’s position, he’d definitely think twice.

A few minutes later they were there, in the ugliest part of the town, where the buildings were just too old and dirty. Hankyung led the two of them to the most fairly decent building between the rests and climbed to the third floor. Hankyung was about to unlock the door, but then stopped himself. He turned to Siwon, “Do you mind if you wait outside for a minute?” he asked the younger man. “Heechul would definitely scream at me first and the Zhoumi too, after they stop I’ll let you in okay?”

Siwon just nodded, “Of course, I’ll wait here,” he smiled.

Hankyung then unlocked the door, he braced himself before entering. “Merry Christmas, bitches!” he cried, slamming the door shut.

Both Heechul and Zhoumi who were just sitting on the couch suddenly just jumped and ran to the professor. “Shit, 24 hours later what the fuck happened to you?” Heechul yelled as he hugged Hankyung.

Zhoumi shove Hankyung’s head, “You’re an asshole, Kyungie! I stayed up all night worrying about you and Heechul literally walked around town till dawn looking for you!”

Hankyung chuckled, releasing his friend. “Sorry, I was…” he tried to come up with the right words, “caught up.” He handed the plastic bag full of groceries and six-packs of beers to Zhoumi.

“Jeez, it’s a complete Christmas feast! Thanks!” Zhoumi clapped the back of Hankyung’s back, a bit too hard since he was excited. Hankyung let out a loud groan, his back still hurt.

Heechul frowned in worry, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Hankyung lied, trying to force a smile.

“Did your payment finally come? You bought us a freaking stoli!”

“No, they still have my money,” Hankyung groaned.

“Then did you started tutoring again last night?” Heechul asked.

Hankyung shook again, “No,” he simply answered. “Wait here, I want you guys to meet someone,” the man excused himself and walked back outside, pulling Siwon in with him. Siwon lowered his head and trailed behind Hankyung, practically hiding behind him, it was as if he was shy. “Guys, I want you guys to meet Siwon.” He literally pushed the boy front, Siwon shyly bowed. “He’s the guy who bought you all these stuff, and he also helped me last night,” Hankyung explained.

Zhoumi widened his eyes, “Where the hell did you get the money from?”

“Dumbass that’s a bit rude,” Hankyung scolded his friend.

Siwon smiled at the men before him, “I work for it,” he simply replied. “If we get more acquainted, I’ll tell you all about it,” he said, winking. Hankyung just chuckled. “Uhm… who is who again?” Siwon asked in a whisper.

“The one with pretty face is Heechul and the tall one is Zhoumi.” Siwon mouthed an ‘o’ and turned back to the men. “Okay can we sit now?” Zhoumi kicked off all of the stuffs on to sofa so they could sit and Siwon awkwardly sat on the edge right next to Hankyung. The man kept his arm comfortably around Siwon’s shoulder, “You guys have any plans for Christmas?”

“Hannie, we’re dead broke,” Heechul pointed out. Well, Hankyung was the only one that had steady job so far and even he didn’t have any money. “But then again, Jessica asked us to come to dinner tonight,” the pretty man added with a grimace on his face.

Hankyung chuckled, “With her new girlfriend?” he asked, pretending to be innocent.

Heechul shot him a glare, “Yes, she’s with Taeyon, okay? We’ll just leave it at that. You guys want to go?”

Zhoumi shrugged, “What the hell, I got nothing better to do today,” he replied.

“You still in love with her?” Hankyung asked teasingly, knowing the answer all too well. Heechul just turned his face away as if he didn’t hear his friend’s question. Both Zhoumi and Hankyung knew how bad Heechul was taking the break-up, it was like a huge blow to him. It was one thing getting dump for another guy, but for another girl? No man can take that well enough. The Chinese man just chuckle, “Alright, I’ll come with.” He turned to the boy beside him, “Would you like to come?”

Siwon was all muffled, “I… uhm, is it okay? I mean, I really don’t want to bother you guys,” he said.

“Nonsense! If Hankyung’s bringing you I have all the reason to bring Yuri!” Zhoumi grinned widely.

Hankyung instantly sat up straight and his eyes were open wide, “Get out of town, Yuri that stripper girl who live downstairs?” Zhoumi nodded proudly. “Damn, you’re good Mimi. I salute you,” and Hankyung did, he literally saluted his friend.

“Okay then, I’ll catch up with you guys later,” Siwon agreed, smiling. “I need to go to work first, I’ll finish at five,” the boy turned to Hankyung, “Pick me up then?”

The Chinese professor was a bit taken aback at the sudden closeness of Siwon’s face with his.  The boy was smiling at him, Hankyung noticed Siwon’s dimples come out when he smiles. Which made him more beautiful than ever. The man was blushing madly. “Uhm.. yeah, sure. Where?”

“The place I met you. But Hankyungssi you look flushed, you okay?” Hankyung quickly hid his face and nodded. “Okay then, I’ll see you guys later,” Siwon jumped off the sofa, “It was nice meeting with you guys,” he smiled politely.

Hankyung also stood up from his seat, “I’ll walk you to the door,” he said. Siwon just nodded and led the way out. As soon as they got outside the door the man just stood there awkwardly. “Uhm… so,-“

“You sure you’re okay?” Siwon asked again.

“Y,yeah, I’m fine…”

Siwon just smiled as he stepped closer.  Hankyung cleared his throat, feeling a bit nervous. The boy reached up and kissed his cheek before giving the man a hug, Hankyung felt his blood rushing through his body. “You’re cute when you blush,” Siwon whispered. He released Hankyung and smiled again, “Five o’clock, don’t keep me waiting,” he said. Hankyung just nodded, still flustered. He awkwardly waved his hand and Siwon disappeared out of the building.


** so i did decided to make this chaptered, lol. hope you guys like it, it's kind of sucky... COMMENTS ARE LOVE!

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  • (no subject)

    Now... I'm back. Like seriously I'm back. I'm going to finish all three fanfic i left behind which is... Highschool Blues; You Okay,…

  • It's 2Pm~

    i just won myself a free ticket to see 2PM's mini concert here in Jakarta ~~ seriously can't wait until saturday

  • Birthday Surprise

    Birthday Surprise Pairing: Sihan Genre: PG Disclaimer: they're in my basement.. Summary: hankyung's all alone celebrating his birthday. * * * It…